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Team Chen

team pic
In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Chen Feng Huang , retired Associate Director of Co-op, who passed away in July 2018.
$20.00 - Emilie Martel
Chen was a wonderful person, dedicated and kind - she is missed, and I'm glad to offer support to a cause that was close to her heart.
$100.00 - Derek Law
$1000.00 - Silvia Ugolini
Chen was a true friend and example of dedication to one's family, work and friends
$100.00 - Kelly Oliel
$100.00 - Gerry Hughes
I am proud to be a part of team Chen.
Natalie Roper
So happy to be shuffling in memory of Chen. I miss you every day Chen.
Nadia Mazzaferro
It's an honour to be part of Team Chen!
Nina Howe
Chen was a lovely person so go team!
$100.00 - CEWIL Canada
Chen greatly contributed to the co-operative education field. She will fondly be remembered for her support to the association and industry. Thank you!
$20.00 - Nicolas Nadeau
Shuffle shuffle shuffle!
nathalie steverman
Inspiration carries your name
$25.00 - Antonella Nizzola
Nadia Bhuiyan
Chen, this Shuffle's for you!
$25.00 - Francine Salinitri
What a lovely tribute to Chen!
Anna Nigoghosian
$100.00 - Christina Christou
Chen was a remarkable person -kind, generous and full of life! We will miss you dearly Chen.