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Friends of Gordon

team pic
We’re building the Gordon Dionne Memorial Fund one dollar at a time. Take one step to encourage students with disabilities. Sponsor us! Join us! We're a big tent with lots of heart.
$50.00 - Charles Altman
Welcome Steph Wells to Friends of Gordon!!
$40.00 - Kathleen Glustein
$100.00 - Gaya Arasaratnam
What fun!
$50.00 - Irene Petsopoulis
$50.00 - Marion Whyte
Rain or shine, enjoy the walk. It's a great cause!
$50.00 - Russell Cooper
Go Team!!
Go Team! Go!
$100.00 - Delfine Lambert
$2.00 - Marion Whyte
I just had to nudge this up to $3000.
$50.00 - Anna Barrafato
We are all Friends of Gordon! Go Team!
$16.00 - Kathleen Glustein
I need to bump this up to $5000!
$25.00 - Stephanie Wells
I am so proud to be a part of this team! I raise you 25$, Kathleen!!